About us

Vision and mission

We believe that a state of personal well-being combined with craftsmanship form the foundation of success. We help people in –and on their way towards– strategic positions, develop their talents. This will benefit both themselves and the organisation they work for. We offer a platform for managers, top professionals and talents, to help them find purpose in work and life. And we support people that get stuck in their first years and in new-entrey jobs, towards finding back their joy and motivation. We do this in the only way that works for us: with a high degree of personal involvement!


Nina Lazeron

Nina Lazeron facilitates and coaches teams at the top and develops strategic leadership programs and mentoring/coaching systems for international organizations. She offers Masterclasses personal excellence for Boards of Directors and Top Professionals. And facilitates the growth and strengths of young people who ‘get stuck’ in their jobs, helping them find back their joy, motivation and influence.

After several management positions held in the Real Estate Sector and in Insurance and Banking, she joined Heineken where she was responsible for Management Development and Training until she founded Academia Aemstel.

Anna van der Horst

Anna van der Horst is a business consultant and applied researcher. She specializes in Talent Development, Self-Direction and Meaningful Work. Anna develops and implements career programs and instruments that teach people to take control of their career and personal development. She also guides managers who want to support their employees in developing the skills that lead to a successful career. Anna furthermore gives Masterclasses in Career Guidance to HR- and Career professionals.

Anna van der Horst studied Psychology (Work & Organization and Research) at the University of Amsterdam. She then completed her PhD research summa cum laude at Justus Liebig University in Germany in 2018, where she conducted research re. career interventions as a postdoc researcher and lecturer. Her research shows that people equipped with the right tools and guidance, experience more meaning in their work, make better decisions and take action sooner. This creates a better match between people and work and brings more value for the organization.