Academia Aemstel is the Centre of Expertise for Meaningful Leadership, Management Development and Talent Development. Academia Aemstel works with experienced experts and professional consultants and trainers. Academia Aemstel links the development of business and organisations to the development of people. In doing so several tools are being used.
Strategisch leiderschap

Het Strategisch LeiderschapsProgramma leidt tot leiderschap en aansturing vanuit:

  • een gemeenschappelijke strategische opdracht
  • een gezamenlijke stelling hoe deze opdracht te realiseren
  • een visie op het daarbij behorend leiderschap
  • een aanpak die breed gedragen wordt in de gehele organisatie

Een goede strategie komt in co-creatie met externe en interne stakeholders tot stand. Daarbij heeft het hoger management de opdracht om een evenwicht te vinden tussen de performance van de organisatie (strategisch leiderschap) en het welzijn van de mensen die er werken.

Directies en Management Teams beantwoorden in het Strategisch LeiderschapsProgramma daartoe de volgende 5 met elkaar samenhangende vragen:

  • Wat is de strategische opdracht van de organisatie; rekening houdend met stakeholders, de omgeving, en de kracht van de eigen organisatie?
  • Hoe vitaal is de organisatie in bijvoorbeeld cultuur en competenties?
  • Hoe sterk is het team aan de top wat betreft competenties en samenwerken?
  • Wat zijn de kwaliteiten van de individuele leden van het team?
  • Hoe wordt de brug naar de rest van de organisatie geslagen en hoe wordt de gewenste beweging gecreëerd?
Strategy and TopTeams

Academia Aemstel directly links business strategy and structure to the development of your management team and core professionals. We offer programmes on strategy and organisational development.

Strategic Leadership Programme

Program focused on personal leadership development and overall management skills, firmly anchored in the strategy of the organisation. The program is designed on the basis of existing strategic dilemmas, organisational and business challenges, leadership questions and team performance.

Teambuilding for Managers

Using various approaches, a group of individuals becomes a team. Strategy, work content and relational aspects all play important roles. Expertise and humour are offered along the way.

Personal Performance & Politics

Academia Aemstel helps people optimize their capabilities in leadership, personal effectiveness and influencing the environment

Corporate Politics

In an intensive program, the political organisation will be examined and valued in relationship to the influence and power needed to execute one’s personal influence. Practice and feedback sessions in small groups. Personal behavior and communication skills needed in complicated hierarchical and political sensitive situations are improved, leading to better control and influence.

Personal Coaching

A short and intensive program of personal coaching for executives and professionals.

Focus: personal effectiveness, personal motivation and drivers for business leadership, strategic issues and work/life balance

Next Phase in your Career: investing in your future working life

After years of developing your career, a moment of reflection arrives: is the job still in line with the talents and – perhaps more importantly –in line with the heart? In an intensive programme peronal drives, talents and values are identified and charted, creating a meaningful map for the next phase in life and career. Participation can be seen as a profound investment in personal fitness for the next phase.

MD and Talent Development

Academia Aemstel links the development of business and organisations to the development of people. Two questions are leading here:


  • How can organisations acquire a sustainable and high quality chain of supply for their key positions?
  • How can people fully develop themselves and feel highly appreciated in meaningful and significant work?